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Formation of the family hold company at Bad Pyrmont – Thalmühle by Mr. Ernst Werner under the name “Ernst Werner Pappenfabrik” with a daily production of round about 1.000 kg millboard.
So we can say there are more than 50 years of experiences in the production of millboard available. As an engaged family hold company we place the satisfaction of our customers in the first line of our actings with purposeful future orientiation and innovation.


The fast growth of the company constrained the owners to source out the factory on a larger property, to the present location at Lügde-Elbrinxen. At this time the dayli production of millboard was approximately 2.000 kg.


Reorganisation of the company into the “Werner & Moschinski KG Pappenfabrik”.
Increase of the production up to 3.000 kg millboard per day. Continuous upgrading of the technology and the dayli production in the following years.


The constant growing sales volume demands a projected development of the manufactoring facilities. Installation of a fully automated manufactoring plant. This investment allows us to increase the dayli production up to 6.000 kg. Within the following years the requests grow up and the production limit of the plant, 7.500 kg millboard per day was peaked out.


The demand of our customers for more millboard and the growing number of new customers made it necessary to plan a big investion into the plant.

The whole millboard production must be renewed on the newest technologies.

Renewal of the complete production line, millboard machine, dryers with heat recovery for energy conservation, renewal of the complete electronic control and timing system.
These investions where the foundation stone to save a continouos production of millboard under high quality. The increase of production was now given to 23.000 kg millboard per day.


The requests of our customers to get millboard in exact cutted formates in great quantities made it necessary to install a guillotine cutter with cutting width from 25 mm to 1.760 mm.


The growing electric consumption was satisfied with a new bigger current transformer. To save a cost-effective purchasing of light fuel oil with reduced sulfur a new underground tank with a capacity of 50.000 l was installed.


To document our high quality standard to our customers we adapted our quality management sytem to the rules of the DIN EN ISO 9000. In december 1997 after an audit done by the TÜV the “Werner & Moschinski KG” obtained the certificate based on the DIN EN ISO 9002 for the scope “Fabrikation von Vollpappe” ( production of millboard ).


Formation of the company into the “ W&M Pappen GmbH & Co. KG”. To hold a follow up arrangement and to safe the continuity of the family establishment the general managers integrated the next generation into the company.
To upgrade the safety of production and for the reduction of fuel consumption was a new steam boiler build in. This increase of steam capacity allowed to raise up the production of millboard to 27.000 kg per day.


Start up for the implementation of an environment protection management system.
Adjustment from the quality management system to the demand of the new rules of DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000.


Enlargement of the company site by 8.500 m².
Corporate planning for a new warehouse


Assembling and start-up of the new warehouse and a new storage area for waste papper.


With the turn of the year the management of the company changed. Mr. Ernst Werner and Mr. Günter Moschinski delivered the leadership to their sons, Mr. Michael Werner and Mr. Frank Moschinski.


Continuation of the implementation of the environment protection management system.
Inserting of a new silent forklift to protect the neighbourhoud against noise. Introduction of a new office software to improve all office works for the production and for the disposition of millboard.